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“Create Your Story"

Writing Workshop with Minton Sparks

Every one of us has a story about who we are. Some are wildly inspiring; other times, they are the very things that hold us back.  Minton believes that tremendous value lies in locating yourself within a particular time and place in history.  After all, many wonderful artistic pursuits are born out of autobiographies. This workshop offers you an opportunity to better discover who you are through exploring and listening deeply to your own story.

During this 3-hour writing and performance workshop, you will focus on the questions “Where are you from?” and “How does where you are from inform the definition of who you are?”  while writing  your own stories, exploring your family tree, studying storytelling techniques and learning from Minton's own work and experience.  Minton will then guide you through using your stories to create various poems, pictures and performances.

No writing or performance experience necessary.

Please check back for future workshop dates.